06/03/2016 10:59AM

NYRA reprivatization bill clears another hurdle


A New York Assembly committee on Thursday joined with its Senate counterpart in advancing a bill that would give the New York Racing Association control over its board of directors.

The bill, sponsored by Carrie Woerner, a Democrat representing Saratoga Springs, and co-sponsored by Gary Pretlow, a Democrat from Mt. Vernon, was approved Thursday by the Assembly’s Racing and Wagering Committee, one day after a gambling committee in the Senate did the same to an identical bill. Pretlow is chairman of the Assembly committee.

The bills would give NYRA eight appointments to a 15-member board that will replace the existing 17-member board, which is currently controlled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state legislative leaders. Cuomo engineered a state takeover of the board in 2012, citing dissatisfaction with NYRA’s management.

Under both bills, the new board would be constituted Oct. 18.