09/26/2017 11:56AM

NYRA racing official gets 10-year ban


The New York Gaming Commission has revoked the license of a former clocker of the New York Racing Association for at least 10 years for his participation in a scheme to give a jockey agent access to racing records.

Stephen Foster, who was a clocker, patrol judge, and placing judge for NYRA, will not be eligible to reapply for a racing license until at least 2027 under the commission’s action, which modified a hearing officer’s recommendation. Foster was fired in 2015 by NYRA after he was escorted off track grounds in connection with an investigation by local prosecutors.

Foster had initially been charged with six violations, including accepting a bribe to allow the jockey agent to access the records, but the hearing officer said in his report that he failed to find sufficient evidence on five of the six charges, including the charges related to bribes. The hearing officer did conclude that Foster had violated a rule against “engaging in improper, corrupt or fraudulent acts or practices in connection with racing,” and had recommended a six-month suspension.

According to the gambling commission, Foster’s license expired in August. The commission also approved a $1,000 fine.

Foster is alleged to have allowed an ex-jockey agent, Mike Gonzalez, to access racing records for about a 15-month period in 2014 and 2015. At the time, Gonzalez was representing the jockey Manny Franco. Earlier this year, the commission revoked Gonzalez’s license for 10 years.