02/13/2013 4:34PM

NYRA appoints group to select Equine Veterinary Medical Director


The New York Racing Association has appointed nine members to a committee charged with conducting a search for the newly established position of Equine Veterinary Medical Director, the association announced Wednesday in conjunction with Cornell University.

The announcement stated that the new position will “be established outside of NYRA” and report to Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The Equine Veterinary Medical Director “will oversee equine medication and health issues at NYRA tracks and recommend strategies” to NYRA’s board, the announcement said. The director also will act as chairman of a new committee, the Equine Safety Review Board.

The NYRA board, which was taken over by the state last year, had announced the formation of the position earlier this year.

The members of the search committee are Michael Kotlikoff, dean of Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine; Anthony Bonomo and Steven Duncker, two horse owners and NYRA board members; Dr. Mary Scollay, the equine medical director of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission; Lisa Fortier, an associate professor at Cornell; Thomas Divers, a professor at Cornell; Terry Finley, chief executive of West Point Thoroughbreds; Ken McPeek, a trainer; and Jerry Bilinski, owner of Waldorf Farms.