11/17/2014 4:47PM

Northfield: Tuesday 11/18 Analysis + Pick Four ticket


Race 8 - $10,000 Guaranteed Pick Four Pool

Jeremey’s $1 Pick Four Play:

3,9 / 1,6,9 / 1,4,5 / 3,9 = $36


Best Bet: ABOVE AND BEYOND (5th)

Spot Play: NITEROI OAKS (9th)

Race 1

(3) LINUS B WORTHY takes a big drop in class and picks up the top driver.  (5) CONDOR HALL well bred gelding will offer a big price and looks to be in line for a ground saving trip.  (2) BAND'S SUPERSTAR gets a great post in an evenly matched field.

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Race 2

(1) NIRVANA GEAR filly was a game winner at this level the start prior.  (2) ALERO BLUE CHIP has been facing much tougher but could need a start off three weeks.  (3) FLYING MINDALE three-year-old pacer is one of few with upside in the race; threat.

Race 3

(9) SAINTFRANCIS has beaten much better on the year and should offer a big price off the bad-looking lines.  (5) WEST RIVER VICTORY just missed last out and has been racing gamely.  (1) CHRISTINA VICTORY gelding trotter has made the most money on the year and gets the best post.

Race 4

In a very tough race to handicap (3) SUCCESSFUL VENTURE needed the start over the track last out and has room to move forward in a very weak field.  (4) BLUE PUNCH is 0 for the year but has been close at this level.  (7) COIN OF THE REALM gelding has some ability but gets sent out for a very low percentage driver; use underneath.

Race 5

In another tough race to gauge (9) ABOVE AND BEYOND has shown a good burst of speed and has been facing much tougher.  (4) SHELBY LU is one for twenty-six on the year but just missed at this level last out.  (3) YANKEE SOLDIER is one for forty-eight lifetime and needs a smooth trip with some racing luck.

Race 6

(2) BUBBA SKINNER has yet to win on the year but has been pacing much faster than most of the field.  (3) CAMN YANKEE could have an excuse last out with the off track; threat.  (5) PANFERMIN FESTIVAL will offer a big price but needs a competent drive from a suspect pilot; use underneath.

Race 7

In the toughest race to handicap on the card (3) FOLLOW A DREAM gelding used to own a good burst of speed which is more than most of the field can say.   (5) ITSALLABOUTTONIGHT three-year-old gets sent out for a trainer capable off dull-looking lines.  (9) HE B ORIGINAL should be in line for a ground saving trip in an inconsistent field.

Race 8

(3) SOAKING UP THE SUN gelding is the horse to beat if he stays pacing.  (9) JACKSONS SPIN went a big effort last race just tiring late being parked the entire mile; threat.  (4) RENATA filly has been competitive at this level and should offer a much better price than her last start.

Race 9

(6) NITEROI OAKS well bred stallion will look to make it three straight and could have more to offer.  (1) HELLO CARLO gets the best post and will be racing on the lead or in the pocket.  (9) ACTION-EAR-TO-EAR pacing bred trotter has some ability but needs a smooth trip.

Race 10

(4) HERSMAN is one of few horses whose been competitive at this level.  (5) FOX VALLEY MERCURY went a really nice effort last out in the slop; threat.   (1) DANNYS ATTHEDANCE rarely wins but gets the best post; use underneath.

Race 11

(9) AIRGUITAR ROCKSTAR drops in class and has been pacing some good miles.  (3) RIGHT ON TIME gelding went a big three-quarters of a mile last out just tiring late.  (1) SOUTHWIND MAIZE comes into the race off a victory and gets the best post.

Race 12

In a weak and inconsistent field (1) REDICATION closed big ground two back and gets the best post with a top driver.  (6) BAY SHARK is capable of better but needs a smooth trip.  (7) CHEEKY FOOL needs a lot of racing luck but could pick up the pieces at a price in the right scenario.

Race 13

(2) DABUNKA looks to be in line for a good trip up close.  (3) STYLISH ROCKET has been knocking on the door but needs to ration out his speed; fires early.  (5) FOREVER GOOD gelding takes a significant drop in class and will be used aggressively.

Race 14

In a field with few contenders (4) NUTMEGS GIGILO has made the most money in the field on the year by far and finds an ideal spot to gain some confidence.  (1) LINCOLN JIMMY gets post relief and is one of few in the race that's shown a good burst of speed in recent.  (5) ALLAMERICAN FARGO gelding was improved last out and bumps down in class.

Race 15

(5) GRINFROM C TO C gelding will be much closer turning for home against a softer bunch than his last few.  (1) PRECIOUS MEDAL pacer gets the best post in a wide open race.  (3) CRUISE ON OSBORNE owns only one win on the year but could be in line for a ground saving trip; use underneath.

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