10/12/2017 12:15PM

Northern California fairgrounds housing large animals displaced by wildfires


Two fairgrounds in Northern California have been designated as large-animal evacuation centers to assist in helping livestock and horses displaced by the wildfires that have affected large areas of the state north of San Francisco.

Sonoma County Fairgrounds and Solano County Fairgrounds have both been set up to house large animals temporarily and to collect donations to assist animals and humans affected by the fires. Both fairgrounds have permanent stabling for horses and other animals, in part because of their use in the past as tracks on the state’s fair circuit.

Dozens of fires have been burning over Northern California for the past several days, stoked by high winds and a long drought. The fires have destroyed at least 3,500 buildings, according to local reports. 

In the southern portion of the state, Los Alamitos Race Course and Fairplex Park are accepting horses displaced by fires in Orange County.