05/17/2011 12:29PM

No. 6 Preakness Moment: The Rumble, 1962


A rivalry of a different sort spiced the 1962 Preakness, won by Greek Money by a nose over the massive, favored Ridan. John Rotz rode Greek Money, and to this day he thinks Ridan's flamboyant rider, Manuel Ycaza, was channeling past encounters when he reached over with an elbow, deep in the stretch.

"We’d crossed paths a few times in big races, when I got the better of Ycaza," Rotz recalled. "I can’t imagine what he was thinking, though. If he'd just ridden his own horse I think he would have won."

To make matters worse -- or at least more humorous -- Ycaza claimed foul against Rotz. Later, when confronted with the patrol film, Ycaza insisted he lost his balance. The story must have helped, since Manny only served 10 days. NEXT >>

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