05/17/2011 11:16AM

No. 4 Preakness Moment: The Tragedy, 2006


Barbaro, the undefeated Kentucky Derby winner, was odds-on to add the Preakness and continue his march toward the 2006 Triple Crown. He was on edge and ready to rumble, even popping the front doors of the starting gate before the race began. Reloaded, Barbaro was away in a bit of a tangle and had barely run a hundred yards before fracturing three bones in his right hind leg.

In a heartbeat, the race itself was rendered almost inconsequential. The injured Barbaro was held as quietly as possible on the outside rail, literally within reach of fans, as Bernardini raced to a 5 1/4-length victory.

All of the postrace attention was focused on the wounded Derby winner, and for the next eight months his desperate struggle to rebound from complicated surgery was the most significant horse racing story.

Barbaro finally was euthanized in January 2007. NEXT >>

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