10/13/2003 11:00PM

New York to weigh trifecta change


The New York State Racing and Wagering Board is expected to consider a rule change at a meeting on Wednesday that would allow trifecta wagering on five-horse fields in stakes, allowance, and handicap races.

The rule change would lower the current limit by one horse. Under existing rules, trifecta wagering is limited to races with six horses, except in graded stakes races, where the limit is five.

According to Stacy Clifford, a spokeswoman for the board, stewards would still have the discretion to prohibit trifecta wagering on a race with five horses "if they feel that is in the best interests of racing."

Late this summer, the board passed an emergency rule that allowed trifecta betting on five-horse fields in graded stakes. That rule will expire on Oct. 29.