02/29/2012 4:34PM

New York makes 48-hour Bute rule official


The New York State Racing and Wagering Board on Wednesday formally adopted a 48-hour threshold for the administration of the painkiller phenylbutazone, aligning the state’s rules with those of most other major racing states.

The 48-hour rule will replace the state’s 24-hour rule, which was adopted in January 2006. Last year, a number of drug-testing advisory organizations recommended that state racing commissions adopt the 48-hour rule.

In addition, the American Graded Stakes Committee has passed a measure requiring the 48-hour rule for a state’s stakes races to be eligible for grades.

During a 45-day comment period after the commission first proposed the rule, the commission received no objections, the commission said. The new rule will go into effect on March 21, according to a spokesperson for the commission, Lee Park.