06/15/2005 11:00PM

New York alters drug rules


The New York State Racing and Wagering Board on Thursday approved new medication rules, including two regarding Lasix.

In one of the the most significant changes, an endoscopic examination will no longer be necessary in order to determine whether a horse can receive the diuretic Lasix, used to treat bleeding in the lungs. In addition, the minimum amount of Lasix allowed to be administered to a horse will be lowered from 5 cc's to 3 cc's.

"We had been getting a lot of requests for the change from trainers who felt that 5 cc's was too much and creating some negative side effects," said Stacy Clifford, a spokeswoman for the board.

The standard dosage of Lasix will remain 5 cc's unless a trainer requests the lower dose.

The dosage rule was adopted on an emergency basis, meaning it will take effect immediately while awaiting final approval.

Also under the new rules, the painkiller ketoprofen will not be allowed to be administered within 48 hours of a race, rather than the current 24 hours.

The rules have been sent to the Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform and are subject to a 45-day public comment period before being considered for final approval.