06/19/2013 2:00PM

New NYRA chief won’t make Kentucky trip immediately


Christopher Kay, the new chief executive of the New York Racing Association, will not be traveling to Lexington, Ky., to meet racing officials on Thursday, NYRA officials acknowledged on Wednesday, but he plans to make a trip to Lexington in the future.

Kay and NYRA board members had said on Tuesday that Kay would travel to Lexington on Thursday in advance of starting his new job on July 1 to learn more about the racing industry. The NYRA job, one of the most prominent positions in U.S. racing, is Kay’s first position in the racing industry.

“I’m going to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can in every venue I can,” Kay said at the Tuesday board meeting. “Part of the education process.”

Asked on Wednesday for Kay’s itinerary for the Lexington trip, NYRA officials said that the itinerary had not been finalized and that dates for the trip had yet to be determined.

An official who did not want to be identified because he is not a NYRA official said that the trip had been described to him as a way for Kay to introduce himself in informal settings to top officials in the racing business. Many of racing’s national organizations are based in Lexington or have offices in the city, which is the epicenter of the U.S. breeding industry.