01/16/2002 12:00AM

New Hampshire weighing VLT's


NEW YORK - The New Hampshire House Ways and Means Committee heard testimony on Tuesday and Wednesday on a bill that would legalize video lottery terminals at racetracks.

The bill is supported by Rockingham Park, the state's only Thoroughbred track. Under the legislation, Rockingham would be allowed to operate 1,200 VLT's while the state's three greyhound tracks would be allowed to operate 900 VLT's each.

A number of other gambling bills were also considered on Tuesday and Wednesday, including legislation that would also legalize VLT's at resorts and approve bingo halls across the state.

Ed Callahan, the general manager of Rockingham, said on Wednesday that he did not think that the more broad VLT legislation was as well supported as the legislation limiting the machines to racetracks.

"We thought the hearings went reasonably well, for us," Callahan said. "It looks like racetracks will be the most likely destination for where they could be operated."

Callahan said the bill was expected to go to a vote in the full committee on Jan. 24.