06/16/2017 4:57PM

New contest added to DRF Tournaments lineup


An new contest has been added for Saturday on DRF Tournaments.

The event is a higher buy-in, more-favorable-ratio contest for the Wynn Challenge. This is a direct qualifier for the Wynn in which players put up $290; one in 10 will win their $2,000 entries plus $500 in travel. This type of format, where players put up a bit more but have a much better chance of winning, has been very popular of late on DRF Tournaments with the World Championship of Handicapping, so extending this concept to other qualifiers makes perfect sense.

This contest will be in addition to the previously scheduled feeders for both the Wynn and for the Del Mar Handicapping Championship. On Saturday and Sunday, players have options to win in to Del Mar. They can put up $44 and one in 10 will win in to next Sunday’s Del Mar qualifier, or they can follow the model cited above and put up $90 with one in five moving on.

Go to tournaments.drf.com to check out these and all the other contests this weekend, including two chances to win in to the Grade 1 WCH qualifier on July 8.