09/26/2016 11:42AM

NBC to televise Pegasus World Cup

Benoit & Associates
The owners of California Chrome (above) hold a berth in the Pegasus World Cup.

The inaugural Pegasus World Cup, a proposed $12 million race that is scheduled for Jan. 28 at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Fla., will be broadcast live during a 90-minute telecast on NBC, the network and Gulfstream’s parent company, The Stronach Group, announced on Monday.

The Stronach Group negotiated the deal over the past several months, according to officials, with the company paying for the broadcast costs in what is known as a rights-sharing deal. The deal gives NBC the exclusive broadcast rights for the race, including the rights for live-streaming on the internet and on mobile devices. A release said that NBC plans to make the broadcast available on all of its platforms.

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The Pegasus, which was first proposed in January by The Stronach Group’s founder, the billionaire owner-breeder Frank Stronach, is open to those who paid $1 million for starting berths. The owners of the berths are free to sell, lease, or otherwise market the berths. Already, one of the groups that bought a berth has sold its stake. [For a detailed analysis of the race, go here.]

Those who hold berths include Stronach; the owners of the top-rated horse in the world, California Chrome; the partners behind the international racing and breeding operation Coolmore; and a smattering of individuals and partnerships that by and large do not yet have top-class horses that would fit in the race.

Owners of the berths are also entitled to a share of the income from most of the betting on the race and any sponsorship or promotional revenues from the Pegasus. The winner of the race will receive $7 million.



john gardner 10 months ago
Who do I complain to about NBC coverage of the Pegasus world cup? NBC has missed the first hour. Its 5:30,and coverage is just mow starting! 1 hour late! Who cares about duke? Not me. I hope they loose.
Robb Levinsky More than 1 year ago
Give credit to Stronach, like his ideas or not, he's trying to build racing, unlike most racetrack operators who only want to run casinos
Paul M. Campanelli More than 1 year ago
has anyone found the Past Performances for todays arc de triomphe?
Michael Riley More than 1 year ago
Owners with the dough will cough it up. Just look at the horses that are supplemented for races like the Derby, with no guarantees of anything for the owner in return. I love the two dollar bettors who try to think like billionaire owners.
Bill Johnston 10 months ago
Should we bar those poor, downtrodden, riff-raff, 2.00 Bettors.
Sorry that they should have an opinion, how dare they.
Chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
The Pegasus is run at Monmouth Park. Another no-class move by Stronach, "King of Schlock."
Anthony Bartolo More than 1 year ago
Gulfstream Park
Karl Deppen More than 1 year ago
Can't wait ! As a fan and gambler for many yrs. this is an event that fills in that lull between B.C. Day and the Ky. Derby . Made my reservations in Hallendale the week it was announced. Looking forward to the trip South for a full day of class races !
Beverly Bonneau More than 1 year ago
Only Top Horses should be in this race. People aren't dumb, they know that Some "rich" people will throw out money on the craziest things "for the fun of it" to see a horses chances smashed. And top jockeys too. I don't  like that it's on the East Coast either. Unfamiliar with them BUT read much about the jockeys out there throwing races and hurting horses doing it??? Lets keep this professional.  
Beverly Bonneau More than 1 year ago

Heck, doesn't sound like many horses other than Chrome will be at the Pegasus .  Maybe this will end up another Dortmund vs Chrome challenge between just the two of them? LOL BUT, what made Chrome as good as he got is the fact that they had faith in Chrome, thought he was amazing and entered him in top races way beyond him and Chrome learned FAST how to be better than some OR keep up with the best to pin in a race. Being a stallion with that "confident stallion air about him" it gave him the EGO to TRY his best and then get better. We have A whole bunch of GREAT horses this year racing. Never say they aren't as good as Chrome. None of these owners or trainers KNOW how good they are. Boys will be boys. ;P  And nobody knows just how any race will play out.  Challenging Chrome in this Pegasus race IS what will make them big winners some day too. Heck Second, third and fourth get paid too. First gets the most. I was expecting to READ names that will be in this race other than Chrome. Why ship him down to Florida if nobody else will show up. ??  Saying Coolmore will be there.....doesn't say anything. WHO are they entering? Could it be a retired horse like American Pharoah? or Liams Map?  Where's the beef?  I'd be leary to bring Chrome down if they can't post names of other entered. This won't be AS hard as the Dubai World Cup. I'm sure Baffert will put his two top horses in. HE has faith in his horses. The owners have the money. NOBODY knows how a race will play out.  So we have possibly THREE horses? Maybe, just maybe this will get cancelled and Chrome will make it to his first breeding session on time. ;)  I'd rather see it cancelled than have somebody THROW in a green paranoid spook horse for filling in a spot. Lets keep the horses TRAINED and professional race horses. Like I said.......I'd be VERY careful and leary if I were Chromes owners. Keep your eyes and ears open.  Don't be Naive'. Otherwise the danger that might happen won't be worth it if one of the horses gets hurt.  Lets face it......we've seen it happen and that sure wasn't acceptable or fair. I'd feel better if they retired Chrome after the BCC.  This Pegasus race just isn't being clear or specific enough for me. Maybe why nobody else is entering, too. ALL the articles I've read about this Pegasus race the only horse mentioned is Chrome. So they better be careful with Chrome. Just saying. I'm from the East Coast , CT. so I'll be there, believe me. 

Jack Armstead More than 1 year ago
Beverly... I agree, keep Chrome away from the Matterhorn's (the horse who broke wrong in the Belmont and cut CC's right front hoof) of the world.  That's what I think of this race.
Jack Armstead More than 1 year ago

I don't see this race "filling."  It makes little sense to owners of horses to put up that kind of money to race against a top-class runner like CA Chrome.  They have all that Dubai money now.  It's worth spending a million to win $ 7 Million more.  The issue is whether he'll take to Gulfstream.

At this point, I'd settle if someone can name me 11 other horses out there who would like to race against Chrome?  Let's see... not the younger Exaggerator, Nyquist, or Arrogate, or the older Liam's Map, Dortmund, Beholder, Frosted, Effinex, Melatonin, etc...

I just don't see who's crazy enough to run at Gulfstream (against Chrome) unless you have Quality Road in his prime at his favorite track.

Beverly Bonneau More than 1 year ago
I agree and it bothers me a lot to see ONLY Chrome going?? Sounds like a set up. Being on the EAST COAST bothers me too. I'd want to see a list of horses entered and make sure they're professional race horses. Not half trained wired out spook  jobs like Matterhorn or something. They better be careful is all I'm saying. WHO Would Coolmore enter? A retired horse? What is that about. The money isn't worth the risk of hurting a fabulous horse like Chrome. Lets hope they keep their eyes open. Who cares if they get their money back. Chrome made enough for them.  
Chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
A Pletcher will turn up from somewhere. Right now owners are thinking, "What was I thinking?"
Craig Mathews More than 1 year ago
Seems you have to finish third just to break even.  Good luck
Anthony Bartolo More than 1 year ago
The article states that the owners involved will all have a share of the wagering on the race as well as promotional money.  That can amount to a lot of money