03/28/2013 5:05PM

National Handicapping Championship's third day to feature 'Final Table' of 10


The 50 players with the highest bankrolls at the end of the first two days of the National Handicapping Championship will compete for 10 seats at a “Final Table” and the grand prize of the $1.5 million tournament, the organizers of the event announced on Thursday.

The addition of a third day to the tournament pitting top players against each other is the first significant revision to the format of the National Handicapping Championship since it was launched 14 years ago. The revision had been announced in February, but tournament organizers had not yet established how many players would compete on the third day.

Under the new format, the 50 players who advance to the third day will make $2 win and place wagers on a total of 10 races. Three of the races will be mandatory plays, while the other seven can be placed on races of the player’s choosing.

The 10 players with the highest bankrolls after the 10 plays will then advance to a final table. Each of those players will make $2 win and place bets on five mandatory races, with the highest bankroll at the end of the competition taking the grand prize, estimated at $750,000.

Throughout the competition, the players’ bankrolls will carry over.

Also on the third day, all the players who did not make the cut for the final day will have their bankrolls reset and become eligible to participate in a consolation tournament. Total prizes for the consolation tournament will be $60,000 guaranteed, the organizers said.

The 2014 tournament is scheduled for Jan. 24-26 at Treasure Island Las Vegas in Nevada.

Nathan More than 1 year ago
someone is confusing horseracing with poker. no-one cares. the leader after 2nd day can actually end up not making the final 10 and even if he does he can end up finnishing 10th. these guys are insane. another reason not to give NTRA your money. it's a joke. good for the treasure island and it's restaurants and "working girls", very bad for good horseplayers.
mikey More than 1 year ago
All this and nobody has anything to say.
Nathan More than 1 year ago
read my response. the ntra is a joke. the guys from woodbine who belong are the biggest , brokest, losers in canada, yet they think they can handicap. come to the finnish line one afternoon and try not to laugh too hard.