04/29/2014 2:37PM

Napravnik suspended four days for Derby Trial ride

Reed Palmer Photography
Rosie Napravnik will serve a four-day suspension for her ride aboard Bayern (right) in last Saturday's Derby Trial.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Jockey Rosie Napravnik will serve a four-day suspension following the Kentucky Derby for her role in the disqualification of Bayern from first to second in the Derby Trial on opening night at Churchill Downs last Saturday.

The penalty is to be served during the first four racing days at Churchill after the Derby – May 8-11. Napravnik’s agent, Derek Ducoing, said the jockey does not intend to appeal.

Napravnik would have received a three-day suspension for the incident but an extra day was added because she was being allowed to ride on Derby Day.

Joseph Rotell More than 1 year ago
I like Rosie for the TRIPLE CROWN, you head it here 1st, imagine how many women will drag their husbands to the preakness and belmont.
David Smith More than 1 year ago
makes sense for Rosie to start suspension after derby day...i agree with this.. looking forward to listening Larry c. call the races!!...
nick More than 1 year ago
Suspensions will never have any teeth to them until they get rid of this ridiculous idea whereby the suspension does not include stake races. If you do something in a stake race to warrant a suspension, do they suspend you from the next 20 stake races? I think not. If you are suspended, you should be on the sidelines, period.
Ian GW More than 1 year ago
Bottom line. She went left handed way too much and clearly drifted out about 4 lanes crushing the Margolis horse. It was an easy take down. I've been seeing a lot of very dangerous rides of late. Just 2 weeks ago at Parx a careless ride caused a clip of heels and a horse cartwheeled in front of my face and my 4 year old daughter. The horse broke her neck and was dead laying there. The jock got super lucky. I'm also not a fan of the drift out nearing wire to mentally impede the oncoming horse. That drives me nuts and its the same jocks doing it.
sjm80s . More than 1 year ago
The stewards are sexist. I think they should be forced to resign and sell their homes. Ban them from the race tracks.
myjockwon More than 1 year ago
Laura More than 1 year ago
BH let or made his horse slam into Bayern multiple times at the head of the lane, it's not Rosie's or Bayern's fault EB took the worst of that (got a little sideways...guess he's the pitcher and Bayern's the pebble) as for her left hand whip, Bayern began drifting out a couple of strides before she started sticking, though it didn't help matters what about the start of the race, where she let him drift over to the middle of the track coming out of the chute? I was concerned about that; I get wanting to get out of the way of the rail and that weird dog-leg, but that was extreme
Joey W More than 1 year ago
First she should be suspended for her ride. She kept going left hand as her mount was getting out. Poor judgment on her part. 2nd they would not take away any other riders shot at the derby. Not just because they want the rider to get his or her shot but now you are punishing trainers, owners and most of all bettors. (Who Churchill has done enough damage to lately). 3rd Even if they would suspend her for the derby she would then appeal and get to ride anyway.
Samantha Lobdell More than 1 year ago
So Rosie "herds" another horse after getting bumped into, takes a suspension, and all the vultures come out squawking. I remember Rosario getting into trouble in a stakes race in Saratoga. Golden Boy Rosario who can do no wrong, the second coming of Shoemaker, that Rosario. But he didn't just "herd". He slammed a horse into the rail, almost throwing a fellow jockey off and into oncoming traffic, then swerved back into the horse coming on the outside. He gets taken down. Cue outrage. He was "race riding", they shrieked. It was the other guy's fault, they bellowed. And when he got days for it, he appealed them to stall off his suspension because it would mean losing mounts at Saratoga. His agent even outright told them that's why they did it. I don't recall anyone claiming Rosario was getting "special treatment" or being given an easy out. In fact, anyone that suggested Rosario was in the wrong and deserved whatever he got (which ended up ultimately being a broken foot and a month out of the saddle) were told they were being inappropriate, bitter, haters, ect. I'm hoping she blows the doors off everyone this weekend. The sport doesn't need anymore hatred and negativity. It's like people care more about whose losing than whose winning.
Paul McAleavey More than 1 year ago
I had rosie and dan in the pic three, pic four and supers big and hoped dan was second as I knew she was coming down as I saw it happen. I do not care who you are in this day and age, you can't have incidental bumping like they both were at fault for at the top of the stretch and then come out two paths and continue to hit left handed 3 more times after hitting the other horse and not come down and get days. I called it when I saw it and got blasted as I must have had the second horse and I said no I had bay and dan. Anytime I have been involved or seen a race like that I say they are down and getting days. She got an extra day to ride the oaks and derby and that is a bit unfair as it all too often takes longer than a week to be handed days and the extra day and such swift justice was harsh. She should crush the Oaks, hope she doesnt fall off or the best 3 yo in the country does not need blasi to walk her over and she has a chance in the derby. But she was a no brainer to get days as was Rosario last year and I had him too. So, no hate, I lost due to the dq and thought it was justified. I think she can win 5 or more on Friday alone. I have her in 3 of the late pick four.
Samantha Lobdell More than 1 year ago
That's what I mean, if I'm reading you right. If she wins, she gets no credit (I'm pretty sure the only reason anyone gave her credit in the LA Derby was because Mike Smith made a point of saying it). If she loses, this treatment. I can't think of any other jocks who get this. I can understand the DQ and the days. The angry mob routine gets old.
Paul McAleavey More than 1 year ago
People that think anyone can ride a horse they love or think is unbeatable get pissed when they lose and look for a reason. She did not cost Bayern, he has yet to run straight in the stretch yet. Vicar's I bet because of her and hated in the prior start due to the post and he still ran good and people blamed her foolishly there when she got him on the board from a bad post. I hated Social Inclusions, post, third start in 6 weeks, going from 75 degrees to 40 with no acclimation and he was comfortably the best horse, ran into a headwind and simply was trying to do too much. Nobody gives him credit for what he was even trying. And you are right there are plenty of head hunters that go after any female rider, even though they have cashed tickets on them, when they lose a race. She did not lose the race because she was a woman. Bayern lost the race because he was nowhere as good as anyone thought (besides me and a few others) he was and she was all over him to try to win. If she hit him right handed once as he started to come out she would have been switching too quickly and probably lost the stick as he was ducking out but it would have probably kept her from continuing to come out if she pulled it off. She did what most riders would do, she came in after being struck and she hit hard to get her horse back on track and was trying and she is nowhere near the first person to do what she did. It happens and I do not blame her. Just people look for excuses. I have cashed my share of races without having the best horse and have benefited from a bad ride or a dq and have had the opposite, it happens.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must be a women thing.
Paul McAleavey More than 1 year ago
On other sites there were Bay fans that thought he was gonna win by ten. I really did not like him. He backed up at Oaklawn and I did not think too highly of him. The rail intrigued me and besides Dan and Laddie Boy I could not like much. The second horse was bred to stretch but nobody thought he was a world beater yet he was second choice. If dan had not run on the turf he wouldve been 3-1. I said this before the race and as it unfolded people wanted rosies head on that board as they suggested she was the worst rider in history to get the mighty bayern almost beaten and taken down. As upset as I was to have her come down, lose the place photo I was almost glad to have the Bay lovers/rosie haters lose. I knew she was down and hated seeing the replay over and over looking like dan was getting up and the high tower shot where he won. It meant thousands to me and the room was saying she won't come down and once she did they all but crucified her.
Dickie RCowles More than 1 year ago
In other words,this was a serious infraction on her part?BUT you can retain your derby mount,just will cost you another day when all the hoopla has ended.Kinda reminds me of kindergarten stuff actually.Funny reading though and I did'nt have to pay either.
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
When Hernandez bumped her maliciously twice...it was on from there. Good job Rosie. He opened the can of worms then cried like a baby when you gave it back. To me it wasnt malicious. It was giving him a taste of his own medicine. P.s. does he even have a Derby mount? NOT! Maybe too much left hand. Next time switch sticks and if Cryin Brian gets hit...OH WELL. What did he object to? Getting outridden by a girl!
MT_Black More than 1 year ago
Brian Hernandez won the Breeders Cup on Fort Larned, but Im sure you didn't have that, so you've felt the disappointment of under-rating him as a jockey before. Rosie is a good rider and the fact that she didn't protest should tell you all you need to know. Im sure she would happily trade 4 days of claimers for a shot to ride in the Derby and probably another G.1chance on the card on the card. THOMAS COOK!
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
Fort Larned, Mucho Macho Man. Had it. Thanks. N why appeal when they are starting suspension after Derby? She probably wants the vacation after outriding Hernandez all winter at Fairgrounds. Ps... how many other graded stakes your boy won since? Good kid. But he bumped her first. Twice!
Jason Hart More than 1 year ago
The incident at the top of the stretch was mutual and a wash. However, the incident inside the eighth pole was pretty bad. Rosie had already switched sticks to her right hand after she realized her colt was getting out under left handed urging, then she switched back to her left after the colt had already begun to start getting out again. I don't think she did it maliciously, nor do I think Hernandez did anything maliciously. But the stewards got this one right. The second incident (completely separate from the incident at the top of the lane) was pretty bad. She's a fantastic rider and simply made a poor decision, which happens to everyone.