05/20/2013 8:48PM

Moore, Okla., Thoroughbred training center damaged by tornado


The extent of damage to a Thoroughbred training center near Oklahoma City caused by a Monday afternoon tornado was not known as of Monday night, according to a spokesperson for the facility’s ownership. It is believed Celestial Acres Training Center in Moore, Okla., houses about 80 horses, but the number could not be confirmed, the spokesperson said, nor could the status of the horses.

Celestial Acres is one of two businesses on a 160-acre tract of land owned by Dr. Glenn Orr and his son, Tom, said Tony Vann, a spokesperson for the family. The other business is Orr Family Farm, a popular tourist attraction that features a petting zoo, trains and a zipline.

“From what I understand, when I last talked to [the Orrs], it was highly damaged,” Vann said of the property.

Vann said there was no loss of human life. He said he had not yet received any information on the status of the horses. He said some of the horses at the training center were owned by outside clients.

Tom Orr is a longtime owner who has horses in training at Lone Star Park near Dallas.

Vann said as of Monday night, all communications have been turned off in Moore.

“Basically, it’s a disaster area,” he said of Moore.