09/16/2013 9:49AM

Monticello: Horses to watch from September 9 - September 11


2013 STATS: 46 - 133 / $276.70

Monday, September 9

MOTOWN RAILING (NW225ps) - Tough spot yet rallied nicely for a board spot.

CASHABUNCH (NW300ps) - Changed barns and was a completely different horse winning for fun.

ACE HIGH HALL ($4,000clm) - Dropped to this level and romped. If he stays at this level he'll continue to win.

Tuesday, September 10

THREE NEW DAWNS (NW300ps) - Finished a solid second with a new driver aboard.

Wednesday, September 11

FORTY THEIVES (NW1) - Went a big mile for this class; next level shouldn't be a problem.

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