10/08/2012 11:13AM

Monticello: Horses to watch for October 1 - October 4


2012 STATS: 48 - 178 /  $334.50

Monday, October 1

DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH ($7,500clm)-Finished with a rush to just miss in her last start.

Tuesday, October 2

GOTTA GO BULLVILLE ($4,000clm)-Should pick up in a big way off the claim.

SOUTHBOUND TRUCKER (NW600ps)-Last couple have been very good without the cleanest of trips.

SEMALU EXPRESS (NW300ps)-Off the win he'll have to step up in class but that won't be a problem with a good draw.

Thursday, October 4

TIGER'S DESTINY (NW200ps)-Got beat by a horse who hasn't won a race in ages. However, the drive this guy was given was less than stellar.