05/12/2012 4:22PM

Monticello: Horses to watch for May 8 - May 10


2012 STATS:  23 - 77 / $181.10

Tuesday, May 8

L FLAVIADI (NW400ps) - Grinded it out and appeared to stall but came again ralling in a nice second effort mile.

Wednesday, May 9

SUPER KILLEAN (NW200ps) - A bit rank in the pocket after leaving than yielding. If the trainer gives up the lines again he wins.

JAMMIN SAMMIE (NW1) - Was a bit unlucky getting locked in most of the way shaking free with pace when the outcome was all but over.

ALWAYAS RIGHT (NW200ps) - Never got into the race after changing barns and taking a ton of tote action.

Thursday, May 10

HUNTING LODGE (NW200ps) - Much better effort from this guy even though no match for the top two. If he behaves himself and races back to his last start he should be alright.