06/02/2012 3:01PM

Monticello: Horses to watch for May 29 - May 31


2012 STATS: 30-92 / $217.60

Tuesday, May 29

WINDY CITY PAIGE (NW200ps) - Caught in a bad spot getting trapped in loaded with pace.

DELCO TROSS ($10,000clm) - Skimmed the pylons and closed fast rallying for second.

Wednesday, May 30

THE RISING N ($5,000clm) - Hasn't put in a bad effort since being claimed.

Thursday, May 31

DOUGS BOY ($4,000clm) - Solid mile from a tough spot with an amateur in the bike.

SITTINTHEMORNINSUN (NW5) - Left,tucked and was badly shuffled out but re-rallied once getting clear.