03/25/2013 10:42AM

Monticello: Horses to watch for March 18 - March 20


2013 STATS: 13 - 44 / $82.50

Monday, March 18

MOTOWN RAILING (NW250ps) - Trotter has been racing rather well lately. Last start a decent second to a runaway winner.

Tuesday, March 19

CYCLONE CULLY N (NW800ps) - Left for a seat and never got clear appearing to have plenty of pace.

L FLAVIADI (NW300ps) - Has spent most of the year racing over his head. Dropped to this level in last and raced okay.

Wednesday, March 20

SWATISSIMO (NW200ps) - No shot after taking off the gate. Prior effort was a good one.

SEMPRE RIBERA (NW200ps) - Circled a dull flow to finish a solid second.