03/31/2012 12:09PM

Monticello: Horses to watch for Mar. 27 - Mar. 29


2012 STATS:  12-46 / $66.10

Tuesday, March 27

ART GLASS (NW300ps) -  Benefited from a short field but was wrapped up finishing.

LIFE OF EASE (NW200ps) -  Dropped to the bottom level and was a easy two-move winner.

DOUGS BOY ($5,000clm) -  Raced in one of the fuller fields offered at Monti this week and was a sharp come-from-behind winner.

Wednesday, March 28

FOUR STARZZZZ LOU (NW200ps) -  Huge driver change resulted in a form reversal win.

Thursday, March 29

BIG GAME (NW5) -  Had some late pace from a no chance eight hole trip.