06/23/2012 10:48AM

Monticello: Horses to watch for June 19 - June 21


2012 STATS:  33-107 /  $234.90

Tuesday, June 19

SITTINTHEMORNINSUN (NW200ps) - Impossible spot out of the eight hole ralling to get the last check.

Wednesday, June 20

DONOR DREAM ($15,000clm) - Parked on the rim tiring late but held on gamely for third.

MATT'S DELIVERY (NW2) - Has to be back on the list. One of these days he'll get some respect on the track instead of having to make two if not three moves during the mile.

Thursday, June 21

JUMPIN JACK FLASH (NW200ps) - Huge multiple move mile in last; should come right back.

HD SANTORINO (NW3) - Added lasix and put in a gutsy mile just getting outgamed at the wire.