06/18/2012 10:30AM

Monticello: Horses to watch for June 11 - June 14


2012 STATS: 32-99 / $231.40

Monday, June 11

MINDEXY (NW200ps) - Made up alot of ground from a no shot eight hole trip. Preferably would like to see a professional driver stay aboard.

MINX ($5,000clm) - Sharp winner upon arrival from Canada. Barn's been tearing it up of late winning everything in sight.

Wednesday, June 13

BIG SLICK Z TAM (NW200ps) - Made a break after getting steppy on the second turn but made a nice comeback finishing third.

Thursday, June 14

GIN AND VERMOUTH ($4,000clm) - Let's be nice and say he was not given the best drive of all time. He'll jog if he's given a good drive.

BJ'S KARIWAK (NW1) - Yes we know this condition doesn't have the best of horse caliber but this guy broke at the start and made up a ton of ground in a amazing recovery.

MATT'S DELIVERY (NW2) - One win in twenty lifetime starts probably tells the whole story but he's been very good in the last two starts either given a bad steer or just getting outgamed.