02/24/2012 4:00PM

Monticello: Horses to watch for Feb. 20 - Feb. 23


2012 STATS:  6-24 / $32.70

Monday, February 20

ROSE RUN IVAN ($10,000clm) - Rallied nicely to finish second apon arrival from Pompano.

ONLY ON BROADWAY (NW300ps) - Missed three months and should be much better second start out.

Tuesday, February 21

TRIPLE THE MONEY ($7,500clm) - Multiple move mile and still held rather well.

PRINCESS BLISS (NW5) - Huge effort out of the eight; class hike no problem.

Thursday, February 23

CHASE THE SUN ($5,000clm) - Still struggles around the turns but changed drivers and got the win rather easily.