02/22/2015 8:30PM

Monticello: Horses to watch from Feb. 17 - Feb. 18


2015 STATS: 6 - 22 / $53.10 (Stats reflect next start at Monticello only)

Tuesday, February 17
BALTIMOR AS ($7,500clm) - Took off the gate basically giving him no chance to compete.

PEN DROP (NW200ps) - Sat in and wasn't able to factor in the race.

Wednesday, February 18
TAMMY ANN (NW1) - Got jammed up multiple times and wasn't able to get by the leader.

BILL ONTHEHILL A ($4,000clm) - Second best to a well rated winner.

BOX YOU IN (NW2) - Hard to believe he can be as bad as he was in his first start for new barn; worth another look.