08/18/2012 2:57PM

Monticello: Horses to watch for August 13 - August 15


2012 STATS: 40 - 142 /  $272.10

Monday, August 13

SITTINTHEMORNINSUN (NW250ps) Down the road getting nailed late in a gutsy speed try.

Tuesday, August 14

BUZZD ON SUDZZ ($5,000clm) Should come right back after a sharp win.

Wednesday, August 15

DOUBLE A GLORIA (NW400ps) Solid second best to a tough winner in last.

TWENTY SIX SHOOTER (NW200ps) First time in ages I've seen a different driver on this horse; longshot with a chance.

FOUR STARZ MAY (NW200ps) Took some tote action but never got into the race from a no chance spot.

MAN OF HIS WORD (NW1) These maiden races are not for the squeamish but it might be this guys time.