09/04/2016 1:34PM

Monticello: Horses to watch from Aug. 31 - Sept. 1


2016 STATS: 30 - 113 / $454.40 (Stats reflect next start at Monticello only)

Wednesday, August 31

HOT ROD ICHABOD (NW250PS)- Not the winning type, but has been sneaky good of late.

WHAT'SITTOYOUGRANT (NW400ps)- Backed off, caught in, shuffled out all equate to a bad steer. Better handling or a new driver and he jogs.

Thursday, September 1

L DEES BROADWAY (NW2) - Off a break was raced like he just didnt want to qualify gapping as they were going as slow as they can possibly go.

SO UNEXPECTED (NW150ps) - If there's a driver switch he'll run off the screen at this level.

DUNGEON DRAGON (4,000clm) - Never given a chance in last.

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