01/20/2016 1:06PM

Monmouth offers tournament with a twist


Monmouth Park will host its biggest handicapping tournament ever on June 4.

The top 15 finishers of the tournament will get to select their prizes. Based on 100 entrants, nine seats at the 2017 DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship, two seats at the 2016 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge, and $50,000 in cash will be up for grabs.

“Over the years, I’ve heard players who prefer the NHC, players who prefer the BCBC, and players who prefer cash,” said Brian Skirka, the marketing manager and contest director at Monmouth. “This contest will give the winners a choice as to which prizes they take home.”

The live-money event will have a $2,000 buy-in, with $1,000 going to the prize pool. The other $1,000 will be deposited on a player’s betting card for contest wagers. For more information, contact Skirka at Bskirka@monmouthpark.com.

Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
Not a bad idea let the winner decide where he wants to go next. as for the live money component usually this means you can bet exotics .if that's the case then its no longer a contest and it becomes a lottery. picking in the win/place format is as close to a test of skill as you can get in a tournament. But trifectas, and other exotics in a tournament are literally about getting lucky .there is no strategy if your in last place with say 30 bucks you can key a trifecta for 15 bucks and win the tournament. or even just ick your favorite numbers and play a $30 trifecta straight if you hit you are not only the luckiest person in the contest but the probable winner. in the win/place only format you will need to get lucky a few times to win and with the caps its much more a skill game.
Dan Cronin More than 1 year ago
50% rake is too high boys , contest all over the country real money you put up 3K and play 2K or put up 2k and play 1500, half rake is too high .