09/10/2014 12:28PM

Monmouth backs off on sports betting


Two days after New Jersey’s governor said the state’s racetracks and casinos could offer sports betting effective immediately, the head of Monmouth Park in Oceanport, N.J., said the track would not offer betting on sports until at least late October, citing expected legal challenges.

Dennis Drazin, the head of the horsemen’s group that is leasing the track from the state, said Wednesday the track did not expect to offer sports bets for at least 45 days. Drazin said earlier in the week that the track could offer sports bets as early as this Sunday, but he backed away from that timetable because of expectations that sports leagues will challenge an unusual directive issued by Gov. Chris Christie on Monday that claimed to authorize the practice.

Although a district court and appeals court have both said that New Jersey cannot offer sports betting without violating federal law, Christie’s directive said that casinos and racetracks could offer the bets without “criminal or legal liability” from the state. The directive is expected to be challenged by most major professional sports leagues and the NCAA, the organizations that had earlier won the district-court and appeals-court rulings.

Monmouth has been a vocal supporter of the plan to authorize sport betting and has partnered with a British-based bookmaking company, William Hill, to run its sports-wagering operation if it is ever launched.

T More than 1 year ago
Indian casinos should offer sports betting as well. They are on soveriegn land.
Gina Marisa Zambanini More than 1 year ago
I agree with Mr Drazin go ahead an open up a sports parlor.The states of Washington and Colorado were state approved for marijuana but not by the federal government and it is due time the feds revise their laws to let any state who is approved by for sports gambling by their state should have the right to do so as long as it is regulated and taxes are being paid.Why should the state of Nevada have more rights than any other state.
Blake Jessee More than 1 year ago
Bout time, somebody showed brute force on this topic. Im tired of being supressed, if i wanna parlay the winner of the 2014 BC Classic with the winner of the 2016 presidential race, i should b able to without breaking a law!!! Thank you Monmouth. Blaze the path please, & other states will fall in line!!
Cougar Paisley More than 1 year ago
Now, can we just get back to horse racing as it was meant to be. Monmouth should be focusing on making itself more like Keeneland and using it's space for more pastural and park like setting. Boardwalk, miniature golf, concert venue, IMAX theater, hotel and convention center, and a casino. REALLY !! NJ Thoroughbred Horsemens Association, yea, their all about the horse.
mikey More than 1 year ago
They are the biggest crooks in the world.They robbed the state for years.Now it their money and it hurts.Just looking for another sucker to milk.
Marvin Friedman More than 1 year ago
I don't know why New Jersey doesn't just secede from the union.Imagine Gov Fat Mouth trying to explain to the electorate how he ignored the very Constitution he swore to to uphold.
Roger Bascum More than 1 year ago
This is all you need to know about NJ and wagering. When they opened the first racebook in the Showboat, it was about the size of my living room and they claimed it was the most beautiful racebook anywhere in the country.
mikey More than 1 year ago
Drazin has no clue what is going on.The only thing he knows how to do is chase an ambulance.The only smart thing he ever did was letting his father be born before he was.
Blake Jessee More than 1 year ago
he's actually sharper than you'll ever be.
David Beighle More than 1 year ago
Like they don't have enough to worry about you can see the Feds rolling in there confiscating and shutting the whole place down not just the sportsbook. Good move MTH.