09/29/2016 12:30PM

Mohawk: Saturday 10/1 Analysis


Race 1 - $30,000 Guaranteed Pick Five Pool

Race 4 - $50,000 Guaranteed Pick Four Pool


20-CENT PICK 5: 5,7/1,5,8/2,4,6/1,4,5/2,7,8 = $32.40

EARLY PICK 4: 1,4,5/2,7,8/3,6/7 = $18

LATE PICK 4: 2/1,2,4,5,6/3,5,7,8/2 = $20

MEET STATS: 375 - 1133 / $1957.30  BEST BETS: 62 - 104 / $193.00

SPOT PLAYS: 23 - 104 / $157.90


Spot Play: THE ILLUMINATOR (11th)

Race 1

(7) ARSENIC was a very impressive winner of the Grassroots Final last week despite facing serious pace pressure early. He is as sharp as they come. (5) CONTINUAL HANOVER was forced to take the overland route after getting out-left in that race and was still a good second. He could land in the choice's pocket early here. (3) DAYLIGHT RUSH comes off a lifetime-best score but he was easily beaten by the choice two starts back. (6) JACK RACKHAM will be closing late for a slice here.

Race 2

(5) STREAKAVANA got hung out in the third 1/4 last time racing off a break. He should get back on track here off a better trip. (8) CALVIN K can be close here if he stays flat. (1) SOUTHWIND GENERAL made two moves and raced tough last time. He still has plenty of upside. (2) YOGI BAYAMA should be part of the early pace. He could better this placing with some racing luck.

Race 3

(6) TRACEUR HANOVER drops and stands a good chance to pop here. (2) ASAP HANOVER is sharp and dangerous and can race effectively any way the driver chooses. (4) SHADOW PLACE should be closing late here and the short field benefits him. (7) ALEXAS JACKPOT finds a way to grab a slice just about every week.

Race 4

(1) FLAHERTY should get a much better trip here and he could be a square price; slight nod. (5) MACH POWER raced huge off the barn change and he can't be left off multi-race tickets here, but he will probably be overbet. (4) PRINT MEDIA raced okay vs. older last week. He offers some exotics value here. (9) SPIRIT SHADOW could fill one of the lower exotic rungs closing from far back here.

Race 5

(7) POISONOUS should get a beneficial pace scenario here and he can be closer early starting from a better post. (8) EASY LOVER HANOVER is a threat to repeat in his current sharp form. (2) ELECTRIC WESTERN could pounce late here at a price off a following trip. (5) NOCTURNAL BLUECHIP is another that can share racing off a covered up trip.

Race 6

(6) RUBBER DUCK raced tough when given an aggressive Henry steer last time. The class drop and Henry sticking make him the top pick here. (3) CASH FOR GOLD also drops and should be heard from here. (5) DEWEYKEEPUMNWHY is a regular winner at lower classes. He can take a minor share stepping up. (7) HARPER BLUE CHIP drops in search of his first 2016 win. He isn't out of this but a smaller share seems likely.

Race 7

(7) ALWAYS A HOTSHOT sizzled to a new life's mark win in his Mohawk return; call to repeat. (1) MAJOR HILL has faced some good ones but has missed almost three weeks now; mixed signals. (4) BLAYDE HANOVER should be right there back in with his own age group. (3) BLAISE MM HANOVER will be part of the early pace - as he always is - and likely stick around for a small share.

Race 8

(2) DRACHAN HANOVER almost beat tougher now he gets to take some class relief with a win six races back dropping off his card. He should be very tough to beat here. (7) LYONSSOMEWHERE is starting to show some of the speed he displayed in his three-year-old campaign. He can share racing close up here. (3) HIDDEN POTENTIAL should have cover early here and he too can stick around for a slice. (10) PAR INTENDED is at the top of his game but this is a tough assignment; for a small share. Maybe.

Race 9

(6) NICKLE BAG has been racing much better in the cooler weather. I'll give him the nod here with Shamballa elsewhere. (2) WAZZUP WAZZUP keeps racing tough and rarely gets bet; using. (1) ELLIS PARK got buried last week until it was too late. He will break through soon. (4) STATE TREASURER is always dangerous but he lacks consistency this year.

Race 10

(7) MACHIN A TRICK could benefit from some hot early action and roll by late here. (5) MANCEIVER raced okay here in August in Grand Circuit action and he should offer a good price here. (8) BET ON BRETT looks like the main speed threat; using. (3) CLASSIC PRO is usually good for a slice.

Race 11

(2) THE ILLUMINATOR moved first up into an accelerating pace here Tuesday night then tired late. Expect more aggression form him here if he goes. (1) MY OLD MASTER can race much better here off a following trip starting from the inside. (7) LOOKIN ATA WINNER exits a rapid mile and he could be much closer here at a price. (4) THE KERNAL is a speed threat and would be extra-dangerous racing from the pocket. (6) CHANCEYS LUCK should be good for a smaller share here.

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