09/30/2014 9:56AM

Mohawk: Horses to watch from Sept. 23 - Sept. 27


Tuesday, September 23

BEST RISQUE (CLMHCP8/10000FM) went down the road over a tiring track and dug in gamely to the end but the track had taken its toll.

ARTHUR (NW2000) was one of many on the night that just could not last on the front end despite digging in tenaciously and should be taken seriously over a more favorable track.

IDEAL MAGIC (NW2) was loose on the lead, had a huge advantage into the lane but hit the wall late. This one need only be a step or two tighter to get a score.

OAKLEA WYATT (NW15000/2-3YO) brushed to command passing the half,opened up and gamed out the win. He was as close to a front end winner Mohawk saw that evening.

Thursday, September 25

STUBBORN BELLE (OntSS) proved to be the lone front end speed to hold on the evening and she did so with authority.

OLIVER SLICK (NW2) was parked trying to brush to command and forced to challenge a long way on the rim in last.

ELECTRIFY (CLM15000) was used three times enroute to convincing odds-on score in last.

BELLA MASTER (NW2FM) made a huge move to the lead and opened up, dug in while tiring over the track and was nailed in the last steps. Move like that usually spells victory.

RIVETING (CLM25000FM) was parked forever in last from post eight and challenged uncovered for most of the mile before tiring heading home.

Friday, September 26

IMPRESSIVE (CLMHCP12/15000) came wide, rallied strongly, had aim in the late stages but broke twice.

KG DRAGONATOR (NW3) sat in, saved ground to the lane, cleared late with a rush but it was too late.

MATTIE TERROR GIRL (NW14000FM) tucked past the quarter, got shuffled and buried in the final turn, angled out, slid wide, found room, rushed home but too late.

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM (OntSS) was long pressed on the front end, gave way to the tripped-out favorite in the lane but battled to the wire to earn second.

PRINCE CLYDE (OntSS) tucked early, sat to the lane, had pace but no room, cleared late and gained well.

Saturday, September 27

AMERICAN GI (NW16000) fought the good fight against tough odds when parked the mile uncovered and challenging the pace to the lane.

WING FLASH (OntSS) left around breakers, got to the top, set a steady clip and gamed it out to the last steps over a tiring track.

BET YA (OntSS) roared home from out of the clouds but was second on the wire.

NICKLE BAG (NW10000) was brave to the wire despite being parked the mile uncovered in very game victory.

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