08/09/2012 9:55AM

Mohawk: Horses to watch for August 2 - August 6


Thursday, August 2

BEE A MAGICIAN (OntSS) Flew home to make a win suddenly appear out of the clouds in such a strong rally that she has to be the one to beat in next.

BAD GIRL VEGAS (NW1/2YO) Left, tucked, pulled and brushed as the early speed settled, yielded past the half, sat pocket over a tiring track and weakened in the lane. Showed enough speed twice to earn some respect in next race or two.

L DEES LIONESS (WHENUWISHUPONASTAR) Chased a tough winner to the wire while outkicking the short priced favorite in the process.

ENRICO AS (NW2) Got a horrible shuffle along the way, rallied wide and late with good speed but had no shot. 

Friday, August 3

DREAMFAIR MISTY (NW3FM) Cleared to late to menace but deserved a chance to give it her best try.

THUNDERING OVATION (OntS) Finished strongly but was outkicked by the favorite but her efforts will be rewarded soon.

SANS FRONTIERE (GIRLSNIGHT) Finished stoutly from the back of the pack in 2nd leg action and cannot be ignored as series continues.

HIGHLAND YANKEE (NW3) Showed strong trot to gain the lead, yielded and was shuffled, flashed an awesome move to brush back to the lead, opened up a few by the lane but broke while looking to have enough to be first or second.

Saturday, August 4

LDEES CREDITREPORT (NW5000) Left from the outside, tucked for good early position but was shuffled back, slipped out in the final turn, had to fan four wide and closed well enough to earn a look in next race or two.

STRIKING LINDSEY (NW9100) Left, took the top, yielded, got shuffled back in the final turn, angled out for room, found a path late and closed gamely.

WARRAWEE NEEDY (GOLDFINAL) Yielded twice, sat pocket to the winner and chased her home second best.

MACH DREAMER (NW14000) Was parked a long way, challenged uncovered the last half and was a very game second.

Monday, August 6

EXECUTIVE JET (OntS) Got moving best too late from third over. Beaten favorite has the late punch to atone.

CHARMING DREAM (NW2) Was much the best in last cruising through the lane and can take another.

OIL TIMBLES (CLMHCP10/15000) Angled out, found the pedal and charged home but it was too late to catch the well bet winner.

HUMILITY (2YO) Exploded home from the clouds but ran out of track. The closing kick cannot be ignored.