04/22/2015 10:04AM

Mohawk: Horses to watch from Apr. 16 - Apr. 18


Thursday, April 16

JIS TOO HOT TAJ (CELIAS COUNSEL) finished well from a very distant third over in first round action.

GIONA (CELIAS COUNSEL) took the top, yielded, pulled the pocket to the third panel, took the lead and held gamely at 90-1 in first round action.

HAVA KADABRA (CLMHCP12/15000) tucked early, pulled to the half, tucked to the pocket as it opened, rallied gamest to the wire to earn a three-move victory in last.

BIG MAGICK (NW1) challenged the favorite and was second best in the uncovered effort.

Friday, April 17

OLYMPIC SON (NW2) tucked early, pulled to the half,challenged uncovered, dug in gamely at 23-1 but was not enough to ward off the huge effort of the prohibitive favorite.

BEAUTY PRINCESS (CLMHCP15/20000FM) finished full of pace from a bad spot at 27-1 and earns long look in next.

DEWEYKEEPUMNWHY (NW4000) was used hard in last. Parked the mile he challenged the pace from the half to the lane. Wore down the speed but was outkicked by the tripped-out winner.

MARLEE B (PRF FM) closed well from third over and made up a lot of ground but had too far to come.

ARTISTIC MADISON (NW14000FM) finnished fast (:26 last panel) but had too far to come. Beaten favorite should atone quickly.

MAGIC MADNESS (NW2) was in the pocket, got a really bad shuffle to the third panel and was caught in serious traffic until the last steps. Finished willingly once clear.

Saturday, April 18

IDEAL JET (NW4)  powered home in quick order putting up a :26 3/5 last panel and should be a factor once more.

PISTON BROKE (NW18000) closed strongly in last and just missed.

I SCOOT SAM (CLMHCP20/30000) was buried to the lane, found a lane and finished with a rush. Beaten favorite had too far to come and missed by a little bit.

ADVERSITY (NW10500) closed a ton trotting fastest of all and should get it done in next.

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