05/21/2012 2:54PM

Meadowlands: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for May 14 - 20, 2012



5/19: 3w, no bias

5/18: 1w, + closers



RADAR CONTACT – Was parked to the quarter for the lead, yielded, brushed back to the lead at the half, set the pace against the bias and gave way grudgingly late

PROUD MOMENT*** – Trotter had post 10, didn’t leave the gate but then left belatedly and tucked 7th on the first turn, followed cover wide and finished fast for the show

A ROCKNROLL DANCE – Paced a :26 3/5 third quarter first over and jogged in his 3-year-old debut

FROG JUICE – Was outside a long way, made up good ground to get within striking distance, rallied wide and finished sharply for the place

ROADSIDE DELIGHT – Was parked the mile without cover from post 10, forced a blazing pace, took the lead into the lane but weakened, held the show gamely

VEAL MARSALA – Left, yielded, was shuffled back behind a tiring horse

BIG BAM RAY – Left, tucked, went first over forcing the quick pace, wore down the favorite to take the lead and gave way grudgingly on the wire

ALEXIE MATTOSIE*** - Left from post 9 and was parked to a :26 4/5 opener, tucked, was shuffled due to lead changes, angled out in the lane but was blocked behind a wall of horses with pace

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays