02/28/2012 10:05AM

Meadowlands: Horses to watch for Feb. 23-25, 2012


Thursday, February 23

REI OF SUNSHINE (NW2-FM) – Saved ground along the cones, waited for stretch clearance to the outside and closed in willingly.

KEYSTONE RAPTOR (NW4000) – Won as he pleased on the engine.

APOLLO BLUE CHIP (QUA – RACE 1) – Angled off the cones in the stretch and finished with very good energy.

PUT ON A SHOW (QUA – RACE 8) – Posted a strong final clocking on a day when times were slow.

ONE MORE LAUGH (QUA – RACE 12) – Finished up loaded with pace and no chance.

Friday, February 24

ODDS ON ADVENTURE (NW10800-FM) – Saved ground in last, had to bob and weave to avoid stretch traffic and paced home willingly with no chance of a top spot.

Saturday, February 25

GRAMS LEGACY (NW3) – Lost cover and paced away under his own power.

BESTNOTLIE HANOVER (20000CLM) –Saved ground, found some stretch traffic and finished loaded with pace. That was his first positiove effort in a while and could be a signal that he is ready to roll now.

STONEBRIDGE MASTER (NW10000) – Was making his first start in 16 months and saved ground along the cones. He finished up with sneaky pace while basically never asked for speed. Former 1:51 1/5 pacer gets to drop next week and could bring a much different effort.


(Horses which previously appeared but have yet to race)

Saturday, February 11

IM SO BLUE (15000CLM) - Was pinned down before angling late final turn. With any kind of a trip he would have won easily.

Friday, January 27

LUCK GOES AROUND (7500CLM) – Was stuck wide with a half-mile to race behind dull cover, continued four deep for almost the entire final turn and passed tired one in the lane after racing further than just about any of the competitors signed on.