12/07/2017 3:02PM

Meadowlands: Horses to watch for December 1 - 2


FRIENDSINLOWPLACES (NW3500) was far back early and finishe dup with steady late trot while on his own. Perhaps adding hobbles again has cured his breaking issues.

DOC'S BOY (NW3500) found himself trapped with no room until late in the mile. He finished up very willingly when clear.

LAWRENCETOWN BEACH (NW11500) was a two-move winner while setting strong fractions. he actually drops money off his card despite the win and should be eligible in the same class.

MADE OF JEWELS AS (NW8500) dealt with plenty of traffic and seemed to have more in the tank than will appear on the PP line. Another class drop is coming; beware!

QUEEN ADJALA (NW11600) closed well from the back and could be an interesting play with an inside post.