03/21/2012 4:00PM

Meadowlands: Friday 3/23 Analysis


MEET STATS: 102 - 352 / $752.40

Best Bet: TEMPLE OF DOOM (11th)      Spot Play: MYSTICAL MJ (7th)

Race 1

(7) CELEBRITY OBSESION displayed a bit of trot at both ends of the mile last time. This spot is a class drop for her. (10) MODERN FAMILY comes off a spectacular qualifier. (9) IMA QUE T raced well off the bench but is stuck outside. (2) CATHYS PRINCESS should get a piece if she trots the mile.

Race 2

(7) DONNA PARTY drops back down and should show more. She gets the weak call. (4) NOARTOGRAPHSPLEASE moves into a new barn. (9) PURE DIAMOND makes her 2012 debut. Filly has some talent but might need a race.

Race 3

I have always thought (8) HALFPIPE would enjoy some added distance. We’ll find out tonight. (9) KIRTY DREAM should be very competitive in here if he minds his manners. Can he get his act together? (1) IDLE TIME could steal this race on the engine.

Race 4

(3) MARCUS BI was in a very tough spot last time. This is the perfect spot for him to show what he can do. (7) BLACKTUXWHITESOCKS raced well off the bench and should only be tighter with that start under his belt. (5) PROUD MOMENT has been off form lately but gets some class relief; tough call. (2) BOOKEM chased a very sharp qualifier last out.

Race 5                                      

(1) SHINING EMBER picked up his game with hobbles added and looks very chalky from my point of view. (8) WOODY MARVEL wired them last week and is dangerous once again. (5) ZUMBA MOUSE looks competitive if you ignore the equipment issue last time.

Race 6

I’m torn between two ladies in here and will be keying them on my pick four tickets. (4) GOTTASEEABOUTAGIRL rallied very nicely in both series starts. With outside speed signed on, she should get a nice pace to close into tonight. (8) JUST A GLIMPSE didn’t look like the same horse last week; almost like she wasn’t revved up for the race. She’ll be ready for the final. (3) TU SEI BELLA is steady and consistent.

Race 7

(7) MYSTICAL MJ has been the victim of some tough trip since dropping to this level. Let’s hope for a smoother journey tonight. (9) NITE GAMES almost surprised last week. That speed try should have her tight for tonight. (6) LORRIE PLEASE gets some serious class relief and is a must use on every ticket. (4) COTTON CANDY does her best work near the lead and didn’t go last time, perhaps because she was coming off a break.

Race 8

(6) IN FOCUS took a bit of air last time and could not last. I’m going to stick with him one more week. (2) PEMBROKE HEAT WAVE faced some good ones in the Horse & Groom series and would be no surprise in here. (5) CHAPIN HALL was awesome last time. Can he do it again?

Race 9

(4) SAY ANYTHING looked like a new horse coming off winter vacation. I’ll stay here. (5) SHAYNA BABY & (6) SHAKY HANOVER are both getting class relief and either could step up.

Race 10

(4) LOVE YOU ALWAYS has had a knack for being in the wrong spot each week. Maybe a new pilot is just what the doctor ordered. (1) SOUTHWIND SWALLOW gets some needed class relief; must use. (7) REILLYS DAUGHTER only needs a smooth trip to menace.

Race 11

(4) TEMPLE OF DOOM was awesome in that last qualifier. Apparently Team Miller has figured out a way to tap into his talent. (9) AX MAN comes off a solid effort; cold exacta. (7) APOLLO BLUE CHIP picks up Sears.

Race 12

(8) IVANA DANCE sat last in her most recent outing and had no shot of getting near the leaders. I’ll try her again in a blank field. (5) JULIAS SONG N lacked a late punch in her last two starts here. Perhaps 2011 wins leader Dan Noble can shake her up. (4) MCFLIRTY is not as bad as she has looked lately.