03/13/2017 8:49PM

Mastery back at barn after surgery on leg

Benoit & Associates
Trainer Bob Baffert said Mastery's surgery "went very well."

The top 3-year-old colt Mastery, who suffered a condylar fracture to his left front leg on Saturday at Santa Anita, underwent surgery on Monday afternoon at Santa Anita that "went very well," his trainer, Bob Baffert, said early Monday evening.

Mastery returned to his stall in Baffert's barn at Santa Anita following the surgery.

Mastery was pulled up immediately after winning the Grade 2 San Felipe Stakes on Saturday, and was taken from the track in the equine ambulance. Although initial concern was on his left hind leg, he began to show swelling in his left front leg, and radiographs revealed the fracture.

The San Felipe was the fourth straight victory without a defeat for the unbeaten Mastery, who won all three of his starts at age 2, including the Grade 1 Los Alamitos Futurity. The San Felipe was his first start at 3

Mastery, a colt by Candy Ride, is owned by the Cheyenne Stable of Everett Dobson.


Robert Gebler 6 months ago
Sad news, long term recovery for this operation. Maybe they will retire him for stud duty. He is a grade one winner.
pfforjets 6 months ago
baffert has had plenty of good luck with horses .....dont feel too sorry.........."horses are like strawberrys  they go bad overnight"......charlie whittingham....
Nazneen Nazneen 6 months ago
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Robert 6 months ago
Boys calm down .. we all have short memories. Lukas dominated in the 80's , go watch Life's Magic , Alabama Nana, Twilight Ridge , Oh and Winning Colors not to mention the best filly of all time Lady's Secret !!!!  garbage running today doesn't measure up at all 
Doug Pearson 6 months ago
What about Personal Ensign
Anonymous 6 months ago
Hopefully Mastery makes a full recovery. Charismatic did and won the derby. Mastery will probably be off until next year or retired.

Frank 6 months ago
Charismatic did what?  he broken down in the Belmont -- never recovered to race again.

Timber Country -- injured in the Preakness -- never raced again.
Grindstone - one the derby - injured never raced again.
Charismatic - won derby and preakness - broke down in Belmont - never raced again

John Jp 6 months ago
Hope Baffert loses this one to someone else, and the colt is given a chance. Cheers to Mike Smith.
Jim Fields 6 months ago
What a shame to lose the best three year old, in America, so early in the chase for Roses.  Mike Smith did a fantastic job of getting him to a stop, so smoothly after the race.  He was even easing Mastery the last fifty yards, and than coolly brought him to a stop.  Probably saving his racing career for later, and his fantabulous breeding career.  The great undefeated son of Candy Ride, who also was undefeated.  Also, take note!!!! Tyler Baze has found his Derby horse, three more jumps, he's second, and another 3/16th against a healthy Mastery, or even another 1/8th, Term of Art would have given Mastery everything he wanted. I guarantee Iliad wants no part of TOA going further.
Frank 6 months ago
I know this -- Mastery would not have won the derby period -- Candy Ride horses are not typical mile and quarter horses bred for classic distance.
Frank 6 months ago
heck - Lukas (the Butcher) would have this horse back in training -- with one prep before he runs in the derby -- Lukas's horses are all just children in the attic...

Jim Fields 6 months ago
You are just another idiot behind your computer!!!!!!!!
Frank 6 months ago
then who are you Jim?  you want to meet somewhere and talk about it?
goofonroof 6 months ago
Good call Frank. Lukas has never accomplished anything. Clearly you're a sharp fan with a real affinity for the sport. Well done.
Frank 6 months ago
Lukas has accomplished plenty -- probably destroyed more than any other trainer.

Anyone can be a trainer like him following his techniques
1. Start with top horse blood (this is the whole key -- line up greedy owners that dont care about stock just money)
2. Race them until they either start winning, get injured or breakdown

Thats is the Lukas technique -- thats how swallow and simple it is.
Chas 6 months ago
That is indeed a 100% accurate picture of Lukas....others need to take off their 'blinkers' to see the 'real picture'...
Chas 6 months ago
Hey! Anybody tell you that you look like the former track announcer at Hollywood Park - Vic something?
George Lemel 6 months ago
Hey Frank, how many horses have you trained? I see no picture by your name, but you must be a renowned horseman who's just trying to hide his true identity!
I do have a little time in the sport and Mr. Lukas cared about his horses as much as any other  trainer. He also won more races than almost all the others in his craft, so I 'll grade him as a Hall of Famer! Show us your credentials Mr Hidden Critic!
Doug Richardson 6 months ago
Trump voter I suspect , liar and an idiot
Chas 6 months ago
How do you come up with that correlation? Just because Frank has a harsh view and one that others know first hand, on Lukas as a trainer, doesn't justify the Trump remark...
Then again, being that you are Liberal(assuming unless different), it is just human nature and childish for those like you...
Daniele60G 6 months ago
 Hopefully a full recovery and on his way to stud 
Ian GW 6 months ago
Good to hear. Get well soon.