10/18/2013 12:31PM

Massachusetts Gaming Commission adopts uniform medication guidelines


The Massachusetts Gaming Commission on Thursday formally adopted a set of rules and penalty guidelines that are being pushed in a number of U.S. racing states as a way to align the sport’s regulations among its racing jurisdictions.

The commission voted 5-0 to adopt the rules, the commission said. Under the rules, trainers and veterinarians will be allowed to administer 24 therapeutic medications that will be regulated by threshold levels in post-race testing. All other drugs will be considered prohibited.

Although the rules still face approval by the state legislature, Massachusetts became the third state in the past month to fully adopt both the new medication regulations and new penalty guidelines designed to lead to stronger sanctions against trainers with multiple positives. Maryland and Virginia have also already adopted the rules and penalties, and other states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including New York and New Jersey, are expected to align their rules by the end of the year.