04/18/2013 10:22PM

Maryland farm to host Thoroughbred re-training clinics


Leighton Farm of Upper Marlboro, Md., has announced that it will host a series of clinics focused on the re-training of former Thoroughbred racehorses for other disciplines. The series began April 18 and runs through Aug. 24, with all proceeds benefitting the non-profit Thoroughbred Placement Resources.

The clinics, led by Thoroughbred Placement Resources founder Kimberly Clark, are intended to demonstrate the versatility and trainability of Thoroughbred horses, to educate owners, and to address specific needs of former racehorses.

“Often times when the sale or adoption of a retired racehorse goes wrong it is because the new owner or trainer either does not understand what a retiring racehorse knows or they lack the correct training techniques to provide their new horse a good training foundation,” Clark said.

Leighton Farm is a sponsor of TPR, which was founded by Clark in November 2007. The organization has successfully transitioned approximately 800 thoroughbreds from the racetrack to new careers and homes. 

The clinics are broken down into three sections. Retraining 101 and Retraining 102 build on each other and explore the fundamentals of transitioning a Thoroughbred off the track into a new career. Each session is $25, while the more advanced Retraining 201 is $35. Pony Clubbers and Young Riders may attend Retraining 101 for free.

“Maryland has no retirement program for their retiring racehorses,” Clark said. “These horses are dependent on private organizations and people like us to help them.”

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