06/18/2002 11:00PM

Marquis Downs track report


SASKATOON, Saskatchewan - As Marquis Downs swings into its fifth weekend of the meet, Rennie Latchman leads the jockey standings with 10 wins, two more than Serge Rocheleau and Andy Scarlett.

Latchman last competed here in 1997. He has ridden almost every race held this meet.

Rocheleau has won six local riding titles but his streak was ended last year by Isiah Sala, who died in an accident here last August.

Tim Moccasin, who set a North American record here last year by winning 14 consecutive races in which he rode, has returned from Assiniboia Downs, where he scored three wins this spring.

Jockeys Rory Noel and Scott Sterr are confirmed to ride here for the summer, in between the two Lethbridge meets. Noel hasn't ridden here regularly for about a decade and Sterr has ridden here infrequently.

* Tom Gardipy Jr. is off to a very quick start in search of his second consecutive training title here. Gardipy has 11 wins from 27 starts, six more wins than Fern Zdunick and Arlene Flegel, his closest competitors.

Confirmed to arrive from Lethbridge is trainer Stan Marks with 15 horses, which should help fill the entry box. A handful of other horses and trainers are also expected from the Alberta track.

* The meet's first scheduled stakes, Friday's Marquis Inaugural, was canceled. Only four horses were entered, despite the fact that local star Beau Ring has left the grounds and is pointing to the June 23 Free Press Handicap at Assiniboia Downs.