12/02/2015 12:01PM

Marks: Freaky Feet Pete reminiscent of Jate Lobell

Linscott Photo
Freaky Feet Pete is by the brilliantly fast Rockin Image.

The more I researched it the more obvious it became that the Freaky Feet Pete breeding story was remarkably similar to that of a great pacer named Jate Lobell.  Both were from highly successful raceway producing broodmares while each was from the first crop of a hotshot Grand Circuit caliber stallion.

Jate Lobell was by No Nukes, the brilliantly fast but somewhat erratic first crop son of Oil Burner.  Many would cite that No Nukes unexpectedly emerged as a truly milestone stallion though few would deny his racetrack prowess, erratic as it may have been.   

Freaky Feet Pete is by Rockin Image, a giftedly fast though somewhat erratic first crop son of Rocknroll Hanover. Rockin Image, from the great mare Kikikatie, wound up being overshadowed by fellow crop member Rock N Roll Heaven at age 3, though as 2-year-olds they weren’t too far apart in terms of stature and ability.

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Millionaire Kikikatie is the prolific producer of five sub 1:50 pacers from her first five foals.

Rockin Image has thus far proven somewhat of a revelation in the Indiana breeding program. How he will eventually fare is yet to be determined though it can be illustrated that Freaky Feet Pete is not his only notable performer.

Freaky Feet Pete is the eighth foal of Skyway Lori (Pilgrims Punch-Eleanor Jo Tario), a rather solid producing mare as each of her seven previous foals raced and earned money. Of those, only foal number seven, Good Gum Gertie by Palone Ranger, has failed to earn over $100,000, accumulating $43,993 to date.

Other than foal number six, Virgil by Always A Virgin, none of the other seven are sired by what would be considered name stallions. Still, all have earned respectable marks and can be considered hard-hitting raceway performers.

Meanwhile, Jate Lobell was the ninth foal of J R Amy (Blaze Pick-Good Time Minnie), a rather solid producing mare as each of her eight previous foals raced and earned money. Her first four foals were either by J.R. Bret or J.R. Skipper, neither of which would be considered name stallions. One of the J.R. Bret’s named J.R. Decker was a solid open type performer at the old Windsor Raceway in the 70’s with a mark of p.4, 1:55 4/5 and earnings of $172,279. Those numbers were more than respectable for that era.

Thereafter, J.R. Amy saw Oil Burner, General Star and Slapstick, those three with name recognition but neither proved more than just a marginal stallion. The General Star named Lake Hill Jeb earned $340,943 and took a mark of 1:54 2/5 as a 2-year-old, again, good for that era. However In the case of Oil Burner, the mere elimination of No Nukes from his stallion credit list stamps the remainder of that credit list as pedestrian at best. 

Thus far, Freaky Feet Pete has a mark of p,3, 1:48 2/5 with earnings of $1,115,724. Jate Lobell, the 2-year-old champion of his year, wound up pacing in 1:51 2/5 at age 3 with total earnings of $2,321,402.

Jate Lobell became a proficient but not necessarily spectacular sire. It remains to be seen how Freaky Feet Pete will eventually fare in that department. On the basis of his racetrack performance, “Pete” will undoubtedly get his stallion opportunity though present plans call for him to race as a 4-year-old.

‘The Beach’ producing impressive returns

While I’m hardly in a league with statistician extraordinaire Bob “Hollywood” Heyden, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of colts and fillies by Somebeachsomewhere on the racetracks as 2-year-olds this season.  This crop, numbering 112 foals from 149 mares bred, came in his fourth breeding season after his first crop featuring Captaintreacherous had performed so impressively as 2-year-olds.

It should be noted that ‘The Beach’ bred just 95 mares in breeding season number three, but once breeders realized his siring prowess, those numbers swelled in year number four.

Of his 112 registered 2-year-olds, ‘The Beach’ accounted for a thus far total of 93 starters of which 64 have proven to be winners.  In that there’s still one more month remaining in calendar year 2015, it’s possible another starter and/or winner could be added to these totals.

Again, I’m not exactly a statistician but I’m not sure I’ve seen such impressive starter and winner ratio numbers in a crop of that magnitude.

Editor’s Note: Bob Marks will be at the Meadowlands on Saturday, December 5 along with co-author Victoria M. Howard for a book signing of Meadow Skipper, The Untold Story. The book signing will take place inside the main entrance of the racetrack from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.