12/05/2017 7:25PM

Macedonio: What we need is a good rivalry


When was the last time that Harness Racing had a good ole fashioned rivalry? I mean truly something that will drive people to watch, debate and absorb any content swirling around that rivalry.

I spent the entire weekend, like most people, watching college football showcase their rivalries. Ohio State vs Michigan, Bama/Auburn, USF/UCF, and more. The NCAA, ESPN, FOX and CBS have made a fortune bringing you these games and all of the shows dedicated to each game. So why can’t we do the same?

We should create rivalries, which force people to choose sides, which initiates debate, which results in content, which creates interaction, which spawns pride, which generates MONEY. See where I’m going with this? In the end, we can generate more revenue into the industry by manufacturing rivalries. Yeah, I said it, MANUFACTURING.

Fake it, who is going to know the difference? It’s called acting and writing. Most sports do it already. They take something that exists organically and push it deeper. 

We already have a rivalry that could be played up, directed, written and pushed into a new area that could be a content machine for everyone! Faraldo vs. Gural, Joe vs. Jeff, The Lawyer vs. The Boss, Yonkers vs Meadowlands. Whatever side you are on, whenever an article, social media post or discussion gets posted on this rivalry, you’re going to read it. I’d be willing to bet that it is one of the hottest topics and gets the most views on any website. EVERYONE has an opinion on what’s happened in this rivalry.

Now imagine if we had a writing team and a director working with both parties to push this rivalry to the limit. Both know that the end results in more money, attention and exposure for the entire sport. Isn’t more money, attention and exposure the ultimate goal for both Faraldo and Gural anyway? Isn’t the whole reason that they are in their positions is because they love harness racing and want to see it thrive into the future?

Well here’s your chance to actually help the sport by creating some original content. Turn your rivalry up a few notches, get a little dirty, have some fun while you’re at it too! Realize that everything you do is a content goldmine for harness racing and we need more of it. Get in there boys and do your part to save harness racing.