01/25/2018 4:49PM

Macedonio: As long as we are creating new rules . . .


Our business is very selfish and working together has been proven an inefficient use of our resources. So let's put that selfish attitude to work!

Great things can be accomplished by following your own personal agenda.  We all know the WEG/Meadowlands Integrity rule, and the backlash I saw from announcing the rule was great for our sport moving into the future. Forcing discussion and change is how any business thrives. So I say, let’s try the same thing in every part of the industry. Let’s hear what all facets have to say and how they feel. Listen, debate and move forward with new rules.

Let’s try out some new over-reaching rules and see how everyone reacts!

Caretakers and drivers get suspended from horses that receive a positive test. You’ll really start to consider who you do paddocks and drive for now, won’t you? Some caretakers and drivers have minimal to zero loyalty, but possibly the most power, so do you think they'll risk their own money and time working for a risky stable?  You'll cause some chaos among the barns who have received positives finding employees at a racetrack. If you can't find help, the entire operation fails.

Racetracks which allow trainers and owners who have received a positive test at WEG/Meadowlands to race will have their simulcast signal suspended at WEG/Meadowlands. I remember reading something that Darin Zoccali wrote about those two tracks’ signals generating the most revenue, so take that away.

Breeders . . . now you’ll like this one. Breeders make their money at sales and auctions. Competition drives up sale prices, right? Take away the competition and prices drop. I say let’s make any owner and trainer who has a horse come up with a positive test pay a 5% charity fee to any horse that they buy. That 5% has to be donated to a standardbred retirement foundation and you can’t race until it is paid.

Let’s say you had $100,000 to buy on a yearling. Well, now you technically have only $95k, because you’ll have to pay a $4,750 charity fee (5% of $95,000). That horse you were in a bidding war against could drop to $97,000 instead of $100,000. Sure it’s only $3,000, but add that money up over time, across every buy transaction, and breeders will start to squirm a bit.

Remember, these rules are meant to cause discomfort, so that we all take accountability and work together moving forward. Accountability and Integrity are products that we can promote to the public. Force people away from the PROVEN undesirables by taking away the shield from EVERYONE possible.