09/19/2017 8:59PM

Macedonio: Harness Racing food for thought


Football season is upon us! Are you ready? While everyone was either gloating about their fantasy teams or wallowing in misery, one story was quickly shuffled along, without anyone really stopping to analyze.

The Atlanta Falcons officially had their first home game in the new Mercedes Benz Stadium! Big deal, right? They spent about a gazillion dollars on it. Even with all of those gazillions, they still SOMEHOW managed to produce a food and beverage menu that will become the benchmark for all events moving forward! Go check out their website, seriously.

How can a team that's a gazillion dollars in debt offer such quality, cheap concessions? The answer is simple. They want fans to come and enjoy themselves and not feel like they're wallet is getting pulled at every corner. They will create fan loyalty by doing simple little things to show that this Stadium is THEIR stadium.

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I haven't been to a football game in years, mostly because of the price gouging everywhere, but this stadium appears to be a place where a fan can truly enjoy themselves and their needs are met first. Now that's a place where I'll visit and possibly make a destination to come back to.

Here's a secret . . . I hate eating at racetracks! I'm not going to get into specific tracks because until I see concessions and an effort to please the customer like the Falcons are doing, I won't eat at ANY! I know the standard of event food, and its hot garbage. We all know the subpar menus that we are expected to accept: Expensive beer, overcooked fries, greasy hamburgers and hot dogs, chicken fingers that taste like oil, etc, etc, etc. 

So the bigger lesson here is simple. I'm talking to all of Harness Racing. Stop price gouging. Stop reaching into our customers pockets every chance you get. Make a better product! Make better food and support local beer. Make an effort to truly engage and entice your fans! Your customers will appreciate it, instead of automatically being turned off like they are at other events. Don't drive everyone away from your product . . . because there are plenty of other reasons why it's happening.