07/20/2017 3:20PM

Macedonio: A Hall of Fame walk down memory lane


What is the demographic and goal for the Hall of Fame Ceremony?

It certainly isn’t me or any young fans, and that's ok! I'm just a tick over 30 years old and I'm finally hitting that age where the people I grew up seeing, watching, mimicking, and idolizing in every sport are retiring and are now considered for the Halls of Fame in their industries.

But still, my childhood deities are just distant memories compared to the last 10 years as an adult where I can fully comprehend each athlete and their accomplishments. Troy Aikman, Michael Jordan, Greg Maddux, and Mike Lachance were the guys I watched on TV winning the championships as a kid . . . and I could tell you only minimal details on their skills and why they were so dominant. I have no real connection because I had no real emotions while watching them win.

As an adult, LeBron James, Tom Brady, Anderson Silva, and Tim Tetrick are the guys who I've connected to because I can fully understand the sport, and truly admire their greatness. I watched them climb the ranks, lose, rebound, win their first championship, defend their championship, stand atop the mountain!

Now think about when they will get into the Hall Of Fame, maybe Tetrick over the next few years, and the other guys probably not for at least 10 years because of the induction rules. So here I am at 40 years old before someone who I have a real attachment to FINALLY gets inducted into a Hall of Fame! After 40, it'll be year after year where I can reminisce about each athlete and their careers. Possibly recall where I was or who I was with during a game, moment, or series . . . Good times.

That's why I ask the question, who is the Hall of Fame and Ceremony designed for? Because it's not kids. They can't make real connections with 99% of the people in any Hall of Fame. Take that kid and watch them walk the halls 40 years later and they walk very slowly, remembering, connecting, reliving!

I try to have at least an opinion on whatever subject is moving through my spectrum, and the Hall of Fame and its entire process has made me find all different sides until I really sat down and thought about it. I thought about it through the eyes of that kid who's now 50 or 60 walking through the halls or at the Ceremony reminiscing about their own life and how that sport connected to them. It's your own personal Hall of Fame! Whoever is in or out, when they got in, who they got in with, whatever reasons they aren't in, it's just a reflection of your own life mixed with every emotion possible! I can't wait for 20 years down the line when I can walk the Halls and see the people that I shared events and emotions with to be honored behind the glass.