09/16/2017 7:17AM

Macedonio: Circling the globe for that special harness experience

Derick Giwner
The Little Brown Jug experience is a special one in harness racing.

I'm calling you out Amy Hollar! Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you specifically Amy! You're the Ohio horseman's representative and face of Ohio! You have a big task on your plate over the next few weeks. That task is to keep up the standard of the Little Brown Jug that I've heard about for my entire life.

In the last year, I've traveled to over 20 racetracks. I've watched stakes, fairs, amateurs, competitions and award ceremonies. I went to France to experience the Prix D'Amerique, the greatest and biggest Standardbred experience, race and showcase in the world. Since I've lived in New York mostly my entire life, I've been able to watch over 10 Hambletonian Stakes. This year was my first Gold Cup and Saucer adventure and it surpassed the hype! (Shameless self promotion, I already wrote about it! http://www.drf.com/news/macedonio-gold-cup-saucer-everything-harness-racing-should-be )

Last week I spent time up at Windsor Fair in Maine, home of Jason Bartlett (you might know him). I can safely say that without a doubt it was one of the biggest and best fairs that I've attended. The harness racing was exciting, professional, and FUN! All at the same time. Imagine that!  I only knew a handful of people in Maine, but I was welcomed with open ahhhms. There wasn't anything specific to the experience that I could point to and say, “wow Maine did it better than anyone else,” though maybe the Blueberry Pie deserves top billing.

Paris did it bigger and better. In Charlottetown, I was engulfed in people who loved Harness Racing and treated it like a major sporting event. The Hambletonian is the most prestigious. I just had a great time in Maine! The people make Harness Racing fun. It's good to have all of these different experiences throughout the same industry, and I would think that it would behoove everyone in our industry to experience them. 

So back to you Amy! I'm coming to the Little Brown Jug this year and you had better make sure that I have a great time! You've got serious competition to stake your claim as the greatest Harness Racing experience. Are you going to beat the Prix D'Amerique, Gold Cup, Fryeburg Fair and Hambletonian? All I ever hear is how I have to go to the Jug! The Jug is the biggest party and it's the best race to attend live. There are so many people and the atmosphere is electric. I'm calling you out Amy, so pull out all of your bells and whistles and treat this Yankee to a good time!

OH . . .