12/26/2017 11:17AM

Macedonio: Bode Miller could revolutionize horse training


I want one thing for Festivus. I want Bode Miller to break horse racing and cripple its foundation. Let’s rewind for a minute.

World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Bode Miller has dived into horse racing! He’s built himself a farm and training facility, and he’s been very vocal about his experiences, both positive and negative, in the industry. There are a number of interviews and videos, start with this one.

Now that you’re caught up, I want Bode to prove to everyone that our current licensing and training system is elementary compared to what an elite, Olympic level athlete has to go through when training. He himself already thinks it’s a joke, which is why he’s investing so much into the sport, capitalizing on an industry that has blanketed itself from real athletic training. Trainers aren’t actually knowledgeable in kinesiology, nutrition, exercise science and anatomy. I’ve said this many, many times before and I hope that Bode Miller’s stable absolutely destroys every other training regimen over the next 10 years. 

Imagine if he wins the Kentucky Derby. He will be interviewed by everyone and the first thing he will say is, “This sport was a joke and I proved it. I wasn’t a lifelong horseman. I was one of the best athletes in the world and laughed at the ridiculousness of how these people trained their supposed equine athletes.” Millions will see it and laugh at us collectively. Maybe then we’ll actually put into place some changes that need to happen!

Or maybe we can change things now before he makes a mockery of this sport. We can implement more education and more legitimacy so that people could feel confident in investing. Sure, Bode will have some bumps in the road and he won’t win every race, but are you going to bet against an athlete who was in peak physical condition and hit the top of his sport by doing training routines that most of us couldn’t even fathom?

Bode’s going to implement all of those little details into how a horse SHOULD be trained. Most trainers will say that you can over-train and cause injury. Bode will laugh at you, right in your face! He trained 60 hours each week! How many hours do our horses train? Maybe 4-5 each week? Bode consumed exactly the measured right amount of food, along with the type of food (protein, carbs, fat, etc) at the specific time so that his body could maximize its efficiency for performance and repair. Our horses get a few scoops of feed a few times each day, with some supplements. Tell me I’m wrong, go ahead.

My money is on Bode!